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Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is brilliant

I am so impressed by him that I must say it again... Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame is brilliant. The new delivery drones will no doubt only be used in cities that have Amazon warehouses, but then again, I could be wrong. I find it interesting that people are wondering if they will be crashing above our heads or even worse, knocking us in the head. Yet, and this is the funny part to me, most of us get into a mode of transportation where there are numerous instances of the vehicles crashing into each other. Why is that okay? Living in Phoenix is a bit different from living in a rural area, but it still does not make sense out of road rage toxic drivers who deliberately cause wrecks while in a state of anger. If sharing the highway with hundreds of other motorists is too much for you, then move away from the city. Now. Meanwhile, I'm excitedly awaiting the day when the Amazon drone makes a delivery to my door. Read the article written by Will Burns over at Forbes to see