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Creating a Mobile Website

During the last year I gave up three domain names. I had become so overwhelmed with the upkeep that I simply stopped keeping up altogether. But it's a new year and I have new inspirations, aspirations and ambitions. One of the areas that is of interest to me right now is the .mobi top level domain. The .mobi domain is for optimizing websites for use on mobile devices. It's been around for years, but it seems to me that not nearly enough people have taken advantage of it. So, I have decided to develop at least one .mobi site, mostly to satisfy my own curiosity. But, who knows? It may turn out to be a worthy investment of my time. We shall see. Creating a Mobile Website I found the following article full of tips for creating and tweaking .mobi websites. It was written in August of 2013, so it's still a useful gathering of data. I hope you find some useful information in it. Creating Mobile Websites:  Prepare Your Business for the Mobile Takeover   The to