Services available from Social Media Trends.

  • Verifiable Research
  • Integrated networking of Social Media memberships.
  • Strategic timing of posts, tweets or status updates. 
  • Written content or articles with SEO.
  • Domain name registration and setup.
  • Blog graphics.
  • Customization of blog themes or provision of instructions so you can learn.
  • Domain name consultation... Choosing the best domain name

I am available to research, verify, validate, compile and compose written content that is worthy of Search Engine inclusion.

We can integrate your Social Media memberships and your blog posts to maximize your marketing potential to reach as many potential clients or fans as possible WITHOUT duplicating monotonous material.

In the old days, before the internet, professional sales people and psychologists claimed that the average person needed to see or hear a sales pitch at least seven times before they would take action. That is no longer the case.

Help is available with Domain Name suggestions, registrations, and proper set up with your host or to have it point to your free blog here at

Tweaking blog themes is one of my favorite things to do. If you want to do it yourself but lack the technical knowledge, I can find the perfect tutorial to guide you.

Fair price policy - I generously provide as much as possible for as little as possible. I do, however, need enough to justify my time, my skills, and my work.

Prices are NEGOTIABLE, depending on individual needs and the amount of time involved.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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