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Last week (in November, 2023), Google offered me the option of allowing the search engine to provide AI search results. Naturally, I opted in for that! (Yes, this means that they have access to my queries, but that doesn't bother me.)

AI Trends

What I love about the integration of AI with Goggle search, is the way it provides an overview from several resources, all of which have links provided for further information. This also ensures that you would not be plagiarizing if you decided to use the info in one of your blog posts.

Always cite your references and provide verification links to your source. Google is paying attention to these details. If you simply copy and paste information into an article, it will hurt your search engine rankings on your websites.

Artificial intelligence, or AI: The use of technology to simulate human intelligence, either in computer programs or robotics. A field in computer science that aims to build systems that can perform human tasks.


I recently downloaded the CHATGPT AI app on my Android phone and it is impressive. The first prompt I gave it was "Tell me the best way to use AI." It gave me an entire article!

The best, or most life changing answers (in my opinion) are:

  • Healthcare: AI can aid in disease diagnosis, drug discovery, and personalized treatment plans. It can also improve administrative tasks in healthcare settings.
  • Finance: AI algorithms analyze financial data for fraud detection, risk assessment, and stock market predictions.


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