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Reader Beware

How to determine if what you're reading online is information from a legitimate and reliable information or news provider. M any people think it's a waste of time to acquire news online. They assume that all websites are liars and live by the warning " reader beware ." W hat a shame. L earning if that tempting link enticing you to click for further information is actually a valid, reliable, trustworthy information provider, is a fairly simple process. To verify a legitimate news provider, all one has to do is simply look at the URL of the link to the "rest of the story."  You can do this by holding your mouse pointer over the linking text, and then divert your look to the bottom left hand corner of your browser window, which SHOULD display the URL of the link. If the top doman level is CNN, TIME, CBS, ABC, as in,, Reuters, AP (Associated Press), etc., then you can be reasonably assured that this is a legitimate sto