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Blogger Adds Featured Post App

Now it's easier than ever to have your favorite blog post featured on your blog. Read all about it at Blogger Buzz. Blogger adds featured post app

Comparison Shop with the Walmart Pay App

Walmart has taken an unexpected route with their new Walmart pay app. Many already know about Walmart's pay app, that allows you to scan the QR code at the checkout counter and then it will pay for your items using the method you previously entered into your app. But - did you know that you can also comparison shop with the Walmart Pay app? If you are comparison shopping for an item elsewhere and find it, just pull out your Walmart app and check their price and availability to. If they have it cheaper, you can purchase it through the app and pick it up later. First Walmart increases their employee pay, and not they've developed an app to make comparison shopping and paying for products easier. Sounds like they are finally listening to the masses. These may be baby steps, but that's better than standing still. You can get more details about the Walmart app at

Tips for Using Social Media to Boost SEO

First off, in case you didn't know, or forgot, SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is paramount in getting your websites and blogs in early results of search engine queries. I found a great article with six excellent tips at Social Media Today. My favorite and probably most useful (in my opinion) is number six... Local Business and Community Building Last but certainly not least, if you’re a business looking for some local action, social media can be a key traffic builder. Local businesses with major community engagement will pop up closer to the top of that search list, so make sure you’re interacting with your community. How? A few methods come to mind: If you attend or host a local event, take pictures, post them to your account, and tag people. Offer discounts and incentives for local business. Make sure you thank your local customers (a simple personalized “thanks for shopping with us” goes a surprisingly long way). In addition to all this, build trust

What Makes You Special

A few days ago, the royal baby princess was born. She is definitely special by any definition of the word. Oreo (The Martin Agency) jumped on this opportunity to declare that all babies are special. brought it to my attention on FaceBook. In response to their new ad, I read a viewer comment that said: "if everybody is special does special still have a meaning?" The answer is YES . When something or someone is special, it simply means that there is something worthy of knowing in or about that person. It is up to each of us to seek out what is worthy, what is special. Each person is a treasure map in my opinion, worthy of seeking out that unique quality that makes them special. We must also seek what is special in ourselves, so that we may more easily share it with the world. It is our gift, our talent, our skill, or our teachings... it is what we offer to others. What makes you special? Figuring out what is special about your business or servic

Social Media Videos

Sure, you've thought about it. Everyone has thought about it, but most people aren't sure how to go about making and posting social media videos. Check out the following article and you'll know what to do next time you get the urge to record something that can get your business, your name or your products the attention they deserve online. Just remember that people need to be entertained. Be unique. Be yourself. If you have the time and resources to create quality content consistently,YouTube is a great place to start. If you’re just dipping your toes in, you might want to start with Instagram or Vine. How to Create Social Videos With Your Smartphone | Social Media Examiner

PR Tip

Here's the best PR tip I've read today. It's a must do for social media marketing. It's number six of a list of ways to improve your PR skills in this informative article / tutorial.  Be sure to read the whole article by Peter Economy:  9 Ways to Do PR Like a Pro 6. Be social for an hour each day If you're going to engage with customers, prospects, and reporters on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media, then dedicate at least an hour in your day for social time. Post timely and thoughtful content, acknowledge comments and be responsive to questions. Start conversations with your content and social posts rather than just broadcasting your opinions.

How to Improve Your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a first rate site providing free social media marketing. I first started using LinkedIn a few years ago, but only recently began to visit the site with some frequency, join groups and read articles. One of the reasons I became more involved  is because I downloaded their app to my phone which is quite convenient. I have found it to be a great networking site, especially if you're looking for a job. However, even though I've been hanging around LinkedIn for quite a while, I haven't had as many profile views as I would have liked. How to improve your profile on LinkedIn is the topic of an article I came across today. After reading this article, I am determined to focus more time on developing my profile to its full potential. By the way - if you're a blogger or enjoy writing, you can submit your articles on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me: LinkedIn is a great way to make new friends, especially friend

Creating a Mobile Website

During the last year I gave up three domain names. I had become so overwhelmed with the upkeep that I simply stopped keeping up altogether. But it's a new year and I have new inspirations, aspirations and ambitions. One of the areas that is of interest to me right now is the .mobi top level domain. The .mobi domain is for optimizing websites for use on mobile devices. It's been around for years, but it seems to me that not nearly enough people have taken advantage of it. So, I have decided to develop at least one .mobi site, mostly to satisfy my own curiosity. But, who knows? It may turn out to be a worthy investment of my time. We shall see. Creating a Mobile Website I found the following article full of tips for creating and tweaking .mobi websites. It was written in August of 2013, so it's still a useful gathering of data. I hope you find some useful information in it. Creating Mobile Websites:  Prepare Your Business for the Mobile Takeover   The to