How to Improve Your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a first rate site providing free social media marketing.

I first started using LinkedIn a few years ago, but only recently began to visit the site with some frequency, join groups and read articles. One of the reasons I became more involved  is because I downloaded their app to my phone which is quite convenient.

I have found it to be a great networking site, especially if you're looking for a job. However, even though I've been hanging around LinkedIn for quite a while, I haven't had as many profile views as I would have liked. How to improve your profile on LinkedIn is the topic of an article I came across today. After reading this article, I am determined to focus more time on developing my profile to its full potential.

By the way - if you're a blogger or enjoy writing, you can submit your articles on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn is a great way to make new friends, especially friends who are of like mind, have similar interests, or have similar lines of work.

Another great feature of LinkedIn is that you can support people whom you've worked with, hired or known in professional references by endorsing their skills with the click of your mouse. There's no pressure though; you can skip the endorsements altogether if you choose.

LinkedIn offers free and premium memberships and frequently offers free advertising credits when you upgrade.

The following article is an excellent primer on increasing your visibility on LinkedIn. I plan to implement many of these strategies in the near future.

How I Easily Got 25% More Views on My LinkedIn Profile


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