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Worst Social Media Tactics

The worst social media tactics are literally rejecting potential customers.  1.  One of the most aggravating tactics that I have found is when I click on the "learn more" button on a social media ad, and I'm taken to a video reel -  with no options.  Why? I can't fast forward or speed up the video.  There is no transcript.  There is no link to get to another page of the website for delving deeper.  In some cases, there isn't even an order or buy now button. Some people simply want to waste (only God knows how many minutes of) our time on their self-aggrandizing video before they tell us what to do next, assuming we'll still be interested. Therefore, I'm X-ing out. That's right. I'm gone. 2.  Next on my list of worst social media tactics is the "fill out the form" for more info.  A form is provided so that the website visitor (aka potential customer), can ask for more information. This can be a good thing, usually.  Just don't get too