Worst Social Media Tactics

The worst social media tactics are literally rejecting potential customers. 

1.  One of the most aggravating tactics that I have found is when I click on the "learn more" button on a social media ad, and I'm taken to a video reel -  with no options. 


  • I can't fast forward or speed up the video. 
  • There is no transcript. 
  • There is no link to get to another page of the website for delving deeper. 

In some cases, there isn't even an order or buy now button. Some people simply want to waste (only God knows how many minutes of) our time on their self-aggrandizing video before they tell us what to do next, assuming we'll still be interested.

Therefore, I'm X-ing out. That's right. I'm gone.

2.  Next on my list of worst social media tactics is the "fill out the form" for more info. 

A form is provided so that the website visitor (aka potential customer), can ask for more information.

This can be a good thing, usually. 

Just don't get too personal.

The problem? 

The form requires the visitor provide their telephone number before they can submit the form.

There are two major problems acquiring potential customers with this type of lead gathering. 

First of all, there's no guarantee that the form filler is going to give you an accurate phone number.

Secondly, they may give you an alternate number that they will never answer. 

I guess I should have mentioned the final problem, which is they're going to exit without filling out the form at all.

The root of the problem 

Everybody is worried about privacy these days.

Everyone worries about scams. 


If you're offering a legitimate service and a legitimate product that will help people, focus on that. 

Stop tricking people into giving you their phone number. 


Stop attempting to force gullible people into watching your video before they can take any further action. It's fine to provide a video as long as you provide other options as well. 

Selling yourself as a charismatic, trustworthy person definitely has its merits.

Final thoughts 

Personally, I can read content much quicker than I can listen to your video. So give me that option if you want my business. 

I only need to watch a video for a few seconds or a couple of moments to determine if I like the energy of that person. I don't need to watch a whole presentation.

I'm sure that many of you have your own list of the worst social media tactics, but these are the two that bother me the most.

Thanks for reading!



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