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Blogger Adds Featured Post App

Now it's easier than ever to have your favorite blog post featured on your blog. Read all about it at Blogger Buzz. Blogger adds featured post app

Comparison Shop with the Walmart Pay App

Walmart has taken an unexpected route with their new Walmart pay app. Many already know about Walmart's pay app, that allows you to scan the QR code at the checkout counter and then it will pay for your items using the method you previously entered into your app. But - did you know that you can also comparison shop with the Walmart Pay app? If you are comparison shopping for an item elsewhere and find it, just pull out your Walmart app and check their price and availability to. If they have it cheaper, you can purchase it through the app and pick it up later. First Walmart increases their employee pay, and not they've developed an app to make comparison shopping and paying for products easier. Sounds like they are finally listening to the masses. These may be baby steps, but that's better than standing still. You can get more details about the Walmart app at