What Makes You Special

A few days ago, the royal baby princess was born. She is definitely special by any definition of the word.

Oreo (The Martin Agency) jumped on this opportunity to declare that all babies are special. Adweek.com brought it to my attention on FaceBook.

In response to their new ad, I read a viewer comment that said:

"if everybody is special does special still have a meaning?"

The answer is YES.

When something or someone is special, it simply means that there is something worthy of knowing in or about that person. It is up to each of us to seek out what is worthy, what is special. Each person is a treasure map in my opinion, worthy of seeking out that unique quality that makes them special.

We must also seek what is special in ourselves, so that we may more easily share it with the world. It is our gift, our talent, our skill, or our teachings... it is what we offer to others.

What makes you special?

Figuring out what is special about your business or services will help you to more easily identify with people who are seeking what you offer.

Hats off to Oreo (and Adweek) for picking up on what everyone wants to hear - You are special.

Your baby is special.

Who or what is your baby?

You may not have a human baby that needs recognition, but remember that everything you are working on - your project, your business, your relationships - they are all your babies.

Making them special is your job.

It's the key to marketing.

What makes you special?


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